Inspiring Learning & Creativity: Audio and Video in the Classroom

We must teach communication comprehensively, in all its forms. Today we work with the written or spoken word as the primary form of communication. But we also need to understand the importance of graphics, music, and cinema, which are just as powerful and in some ways more deeply intertwined with young people's culture. We live and work in a visually sophisticated world, so we must be sophisticated in using all the forms of communication, not just the written word. - George Lucas

Warm-Up to the Warm-Up:

  • The Worlds Worst PowerPoint Presentation



  • Pre-created vs. teacher-created vs. student-created audio and video in the classroom
  • What elements of this kind of work is appealing to you?
  • What types of learning are students engaged in with this kind of work?
  • What concerns do you have?

Demonstration: The tools

  • Video
    • Windows Moviemaker (free video software for video/still images)
    • Windows Photostory (free video software for still images)
    • Apple iMovie (free video software for video/still images)
    • VoiceThread (free, Web-based software for video with still images)
    • FLIP and TeacherTube (simple video creation and free hosting), TeacherTube Student Products
    • Unitedstreaming (subscription-based video on demand)
    • Google Video
  • Audio
    • Audacity (free software for sound recording for Mac or PC)
    • Garageband (Mac sound recording)
    • PodcastPeople (free podcast creation and hosting)
    • Odeo Studio (free podcast creation and hosting)
  • Wikispaces for Teachersfor hosting

Studio Time: Developing a vision for your classroom

  • Reactions to using software
    • Fun, engaging
    • Can make more own videos
    • Can be frustrating - crashes
    • Not necessarily intuitive for all students
  • Ideas for your classroom
    • Narrated images (instead of a PowerPoint)
    • Teacher video may serve as a "hook" for a lesson
    • Teacher video may serve as emergency lesson plan - introduction to topic
    • Weekly review of main topics
    • Video/blog - review for test/homework
  • Concerns you have
    • Technical - save often
    • Keep students focused on core of the assignment
    • Varying tech levels
    • File organization - Save everything in one place

For Next Time: