151_1511.jpg Well this is different and fun. My name is Acadia Owen, I'm a recent graduate of Portland State University in Oregon with a Bachelor's of Science in History. I moved back from Portland after being accepted to the College of William & Mary and the lovely Education Program. I chose secondary because I have always felt more connected to the age group and would also like to coach a high school volleyball team someday. Along with a couple of other great people, I have been placed at Grafton High School in what I'm hoping is a World History II class.

I've always wanted to teach (I think that I was around 5 or 6-- my older sister would never let me be the teacher when we played "School".... we'll see about that!). To me, a classroom should not be a static environment controlled by tests, rules, or school walls -- instead, a classroom should be a dynamic, encouraging, and, overall, safe place where a student is free to be who they are, or find out who that person is.

My biggest fear is that I will get worn out and disheartened by the heavy weight of standardized testing, regulation of curriculum, and governmental mandates that encourage uniformity rather than individuality. My biggest hope is that I will help my students to realize that learning about yourself and the world is a lifelong journey.