I am Kyle Minner and I will be a Secondary English teacher, most likely in an 11th or 12th grade classroom, although I'll have to
get out in the schools to really discover what I like.

As for my placement, I do know that I will be with the one and only Kara Von Behren at Jamestown High School.

I suppose I've been fighting the notion of becoming a teacher ever since the second grade, yet with every new path I began traveling
down, the more unfulfilled I felt. Finally, in my sophomore year at William & Mary, I succumbed to the little voice in my head - the
truest voice I've ever heard. I want to have a discussion based classroom where my students and I can read and debate the merits
(or lack thereof) of literature ranging from Beowulf to Heart of Darkness. Furthermore, I really want those that I teach to realize their
own potential as writers, a skill that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

My greatest hope as a teacher is that I will actually reach through the student apathy that I have both witnessed and been a part of
in order for more young people to see the beauty of literature. On the flip side, my greatest fear is that the reality of teaching will
not match my own passion, eventually transforming me into the teacher that nobody likes and who has little worth to anyone.