Design Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments: Relative advantages of technology exploration

It's not about how you USE the tools. It's about HOW you use the tools. - Dr. Judi Harris

Concept Development: Technology Integration

  • Considering technology in the planning process
  • Is it worth it?
    • Feasability
    • Appropriateness
    • Relative Advantage
  • Relative advantages of technology in education (general)
  • Go to, create an account, and Import this file - Relative_Advantages

Exploration: Technology integration lesson assessment

  • Individual exploration
    • How is technology used to teach the content (or process) in each lesson?
    • What relative advantage(s) are apparent?
  • Group synthesis
    • What specific relative advantages are possible in your content area?
    • What are examples of technologies for each relative advantage?
  • Discipline-specific relative advantages


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