Digital Citizenship and Responsibility, Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

When two students perform the same academic task, the patterns of activity in their brains are as unique as their fingerprints.
- CAST, 2002

Students have a right to be presented material in ways that helps them comprehend and learn best.
- Sarah B.

Sharing: Tech Expert Modules

Lecture: Assistive Technology in Practice

  • Definition: "any item, piece of equipment, or product...whether acquired commercially, something modified, or custom made...that is used to increase, maintain, and/or improve the functional capability of individuals with disabilities." (IDEA 1997, ADA)
  • Links to resources from LDResources
  • The teacher's role

Thinking Together: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • What's the purpose?
    Accomodate students with diverse learning styles through an understanding of the brain's learning networks
  • What's the basic concept?
    Providing options for students based on different learning styles from the outset of planning

Three Brain Networks and examples:

  • Recognition - Basic knowledge-being able to recall facts; basic understanding of curriculum content and the ability to recognize symbols or ideas.
    • Examples:
  • Strategic - Taking information and then either analyzing or evaluating it. More analysis, procedural, decision making and problem solving processes rather than just recalling information.
    • Examples:
  • Affective - Trying to draw students in to the subject and making them care about what they are learning and become engaged with the material
    • Examples:

Three Principles of UDL

  • To support recognition learning, provide multiple, flexible methods of presentation

  • To support strategic learning, provide multiple, flexible methods of expression and apprenticeship

  • To support affective learning, provide multiple, flexible options for engagement

Application: UDL in Practice

- Block planning exercise (build in at least three options for each UDL principle (using technology or not)
- Pool ideas

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