My content area is secondary science, specifically I would like to teach high school chemistry.
My teaching placement is at Lafayette High School.

I have spent the past seven years working in an organic geochemistry lab. I truly loved my job working in a chemistry lab as part of a research team investigating cutting edge environmental research, but I felt that something was missing. I came to realize that I was happiest in my job when I was teaching other people in the lab. I decided to change careers and focus on becoming a high school chemistry teacher because I really enjoy working with this age group and I would still be able to share my excitement about the field of chemistry.

The classroom I hope to create would be based on an atmosphere of support and respect within the classroom. I truly hope to inspire students to not "fear" chemistry and to see the relationships of the applications of chemistry to their everyday lives. These applications are everywhere...from the food we eat, the gas we use in our cars, the plastic we recycle etc. I hope by building from the basics of chemistry through labs and current issues my students will find chemistry to be practical, understandable and perhaps even enjoyable. My biggest fear is that I will not know how to reach (or teach) the students who have no interest in being in my class and do not even try to understand or do the work.E._Lerberg.jpg