I am an English major from the University of Mary Washington, formerly Mary Washington College. My content area here at William and Mary is Secondary English Education.

I have been placed at Grafton High School for my practicum and student teaching.

My main interest as an undergraduate was in pre-1900 British literature, so I suppose that is my specialty. I enjoy writing as well as studying literature, and hope to teach to at least one creative writing class at some point in my career. I also really like working with kids, so this degree seemed like a natural path to take. I confess that I am a bit of a traditionalist in my teaching views, but I do believe (cliched as it may sound) that learning can be fun. Not ha-ha fun, of course, but still better than cruising the mall all day or sitting at home watching TV. I am a technophobe, so I'm very glad to be taking this class. I hope to create a classroom that offers students firm direction while fostering in them a sense of academic freedom. In other words, they shouldn't be afraid to express their opinions, as long as those opinions are pertinent to the class. Everything that isn't pertinent can wait until lunch.

My biggest hope about teaching is that my students will feel motivated to read their assignments and take them seriously. I love to read; I hope my students will also. My biggest fear is that I will have unsupportive administrators and/or ornery parents.