My name is Eric Brinker, and my concentration is English literature. I am a Virginia Tech alumnus '08 (go Hokies). My placement is Grafton High School in York County, with Ms. Brown in twelfth grade English.

The sort of classroom I hope to create is one in which students discover the universal themes of literature; I want students to see that the literature they "have to" read is often far less boring than they realize: the guilt in Macbeth, the balance of hopelessness and hopefulness in The Plague, brawly heroes in Beowulf, and the meaning of friendship and love in A Separate Peace.

The biggest hope I have about teaching is to see students take works into their own hands to develop creative ways of reading and understanding them. My biggest fear is a classroom full of unfeeling, unresponsive students, in front of whom I'd feel like I'm talking to myself.

I speak both English and Movie-Quotes; as a movie-holic and former professional Blockbuster cashier, I can whip out movie recommendations faster than Uncle Scrooge can deal turkeys to beggars after a long talk with the Ghost of Christmas Future.

While you're here, feel free to check out www.aprilanderic.com, the place where my fiancee and I are amassing engagement and wedding information for family and friends. I figured no one would mind if I shamelessly advertised for it here.