My name is Jennie Mokodean, and my content area is English. My school placement is Grafton High School.

My interest in teaching began approximately four years ago. I had just ended my career as a professional ballet dancer, moved back home, and was trying to find something to do with myself. To earn some extra money, I decided to teach at a local dance school. Over the next two and a half years, I experienced many of the highs and lows of teaching. I also confirmed what I had always suspected: I should not work with young children. By the time I came to W&M as an undergraduate, I was hooked on the rewards of teaching. Fast forward to the present. In this program, I am given an opportunity to transfer my love for teaching dance to older students into teaching secondary students another subject I love, English.

The classroom I hope to create is one of reciprocal interactions between myself and my students. In my classes, everyone is a student and a teacher. Not only will I teach my students the curriculum, but they too will teach me by through their own ideas.

My biggest hope about teaching is that I prove I am capable of creating an active learning environment. I want to show my students that the classroom is a place where they are welcome to be themselves and are encouraged to share their opinions and interpretations.

My greatest fear about teaching is that I will try too hard to be a perfectionist and will run myself down. I will have to learn to accept mistakes and not blame myself for every little thing that goes wrong.