My name is John McLaughlin, and my content area is social studies. My school placement is James City County’s own Warhill High School under Ms. Scully.

After working on two state senate campaigns in Virginia and Texas, I found a lack of both involvement and voter turnout by young adults. I hope to create a classroom based on democratic principles that challenges students to consider their existence within the context of the history that precedes them and the government that governs them, and actively engage those subjects both intellectually and experientially, increasing their ability and likeliness for civic participation and life-long appreciation.

I have a general aversion to speaking in front of crowds, so my biggest fear is the unscripted nature of quality teaching, and that I’ll come across as dull and unable to relate my passion for my content area to students. My biggest hope is that my passion will shine through and help students recognize the value of social studies and their agency for action in the world, and that they will carry those beyond my classroom.