My name is Lauren Sturner. I am currently an undergraduate at William and Mary. I am a government major and my content area is social studies. I am still not exactly sure where my teaching placement will be, but hopefully that will be determined soon.

Teaching has always been something I’ve been interested in but it was only recently that I decided to pursue my teaching certification as a part of my undergraduate education. During my first year at William and Mary I began trying to figure out what I wanted to do after college. I knew that I wanted to choose something that would allow me to make a difference, but felt somewhat overwhelmed as I examined my options. It was at this point that I revisited the idea of teaching. I firmly believe that through teaching we have a great power to influence and inspire younger generations, hopefully initiating positive change.

I want to have a classroom where students are excited to learn and consistently engaged in what we’re learning about. I want to create an environment of mutual learning, where we all teach from each other. I want the students in my classroom to always understand the applicability and importance of what we are learning about so that history and government come alive.

I view teaching as a great responsibility. I believe that I have much to share with my future students and fear that I will not be able to reach all of them. I worry that I won’t be able to help them understand and appreciate the value of learning about history and the strength that comes from knowing one’s past. Beyond factual history, I hope to teach students how to live as contributing citizens and constant learners. It is my greatest hope that I will be able to teach each of my students something lasting and valuable for their lives, something that they will remember after they leave my class, something that really stays with them.