At my wife's grandparents' "farm," just south of the Adirondacks in NY

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt Wester and I'm preparing to be a high school biology teacher. I've been placed at New Kent High School, and I believe i will be with a biology teacher, but there now seems to be a possibility that she's an earth science teacher instead! I'm anxious to figure all these things out and, more importantly, get started.

While I've always had the idea of teaching in the back of my mind, I didn't decide to really pursue it until around this time last year when I came to the realization that, while I usually liked research, I enjoyed it a lot more when I was helping or training the undergraduates that came through the lab I worked in. I decided that I better try focusing on that part that I really loved. I'm hoping that my future classroom will be a place where students know why they are learning biology and that, for the most part, they find some satisfaction in being there. In my experience, the sciences can be incredibly fun when things are "clicking" and students want to be doing it. If that desire isn't there, though, the time spent studying science can be excruciatingly boring and seem utterly meaningless. I hope to incorporate applications or at least "ties" to everyday life, activities beyond writing and discussion, and as much inquiry-based learning as I can fit into the class to help my students learn. Finally, my hope is that I can find 2, 3, or 4 topics on which to "anchor" multiple concepts so that students can see biology isn't a loose collection of facts, but an unpredictable process of discovery and learning that continues every day.