Chimney.jpgI'm in the Secondary Education program, and my concentration is Social Studies. I am hoping to teach middle school. I was placed at Toano Middle School, in 6th grade with Julie Bray.

When I set off for the world from college as an undergraduate, I swore I did not want a job in a cubicle. I chose to be a Historical Archaeologist, but found out working outside all of the time was not for me. Then, I worked as the Archaeology Site Inventory Manager for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and ended up in a cubicle anyway. I had some fantastic interns there, who I ended up teaching quite a bit to. I realized then I wanted to be a teacher. I know how boring sitting in a classroom lecture can be all of the time. I couldn't even entertain my own self in a cubicle. Therefore, I plan to create a classroom where my students interact with me and each other, and focused on the content of Social Sciences, whether History, Anthropology, Economics, etc. I want to share my interest and passion of historical documents and artifacts with them, in the hopes that they will learn as much from those as they would from a textbook.

My biggest hope about teaching is that I will be able to get someone psyched about social studies. How cool would that be? It's an incredible high, passing on a developed passion with so much time and energy spent in developing it. My biggest fear is that I will stink at knowing my limits and take on too much. There's just so much I want to do! The possibilities are endless!

In the picture above, that's me in the red shirt, rocking the axel rose bandana. I was digging out a chimney base, located at Ferry Farm, the boyhood home of George Washington. My nickname in the field was "Bricks," because I was an excellent Excavator of Chimneys!