Graphic organizers and frames help make content more explicit and connect ideas and important information. These devices have been shown to be helpful for all students, not just those with special needs. This website has a wide selection of printable graphic organizers and frames to use in the classroom.

Inspiration is an online tool to help teachers make content more explicit by using graphic organizers in class. This website discusses the benefits of these resources and has a lengthy reading list on the topic for future reference.

This research article, prepared by Nicole Strangman, Tracey Hall and Anne Meyer for the National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum, presents evidence for the effectiveness of graphic organizers across content area classrooms.

Margaret Egan's article, "Reflections on effective use of graphic organizers" was published in the May 1999 Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. She suggests four instructional suggestions in order to effectively use graphic organizers in the classroom: be authentically prepared; promote interaction among students; use graphic organizers with discrimination; and expand use of graphic organizers.

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