Abri Nelson -- Social Studies

IMG_5449.JPG I just graduated from Washington and Lee University with a BA in history and journalism, and I have been placed at Jamestown High School teaching AP Gov/AP Econ. It should be an interesting and challenging year! I have always enjoyed both history and writing, which is what led me to my two majors. I write fiction in my spare time, and I also enjoy outdoor sports, singing, traveling, and photography.

I have been interested in social studies education since middle school, when I was a student in my first real social studies class. I had always loved reading about history, but my seventh-grade history teacher really made it come alive for me and that was when I started thinking about becoming a history teacher. Three of my four grandparents were public school teachers and a number of my aunts, uncles, and cousins have also pursued teaching as a career, so you could say that I was destined for teaching from birth.

I hope to create a classroom where students can encounter varied ideas and perspectives in a way that is safe but also challenging. I want students to apply their understanding of the past to their present lives so that they can see how the world of the past created the world we live in today, and how current events today are creating the world for the future. I want my students to engage intellectually, academically, and personally with our material through class discussions, projects, homework assignments, and writing. I plan to incorporate a lot of writing into my future classroom.

My biggest hope about teaching is that I can help other students find the love for history that I have, especially if they do not like history when they come into the classroom. My greatest fear is that my physical stature will negatively impact the way that students, teachers, administration, and parents regard me as a professional.