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Oscar Wilde Assignment
Step One: Read The Importance of Being Earnest.
Step Two: Click here to listen to this mp3 excerpt of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Step Three: Audio Reading Assignment: see below for details.
Step Four: Textual Reading Assignment: see below for details.
Step Five: Enjoy life!

A. Audio Reading Assignment:

1. Writing Prompt: "How are love and relationships portrayed in this scene?"
Post your responses with your name [here].

2. Any student questions:
Post any questions you have about this audio reading WITH YOUR NAME [here].
  • Example question: Why does Algernon hope that Earnest does NOT marry Cecily? (M-Force)

B. Textual Reading Assignment:
Post a question AND respond to the teacher's question (use the links below). See the home page for details and tips about writing your own questions.

Teacher Questions (choose one)
Post your answer to one of the following questions [here].
1. What does Bunburying mean in the text? What would it mean in your life if you were to do it?
  • Example answer: I forget. (Kelly)
2. Explain the significance of the title. Consider one of the following to get started: How is Earnest a pun? In the text, why is it important to be earnest? Why do the two main characters want to be called Earnest? What is the irony?
  • Example answer: It doesn't mean anything. The meaning changes. Go deconstructivism. (Karen)

Student Questions (post yours below)
Post the questions that you write [here].
1. Example question: Why is everyone named Earnest? (Eric)
2. Example question: I hate this book. (Rebekah)

(copyright Rebekah, Eric, Kelly W, & Karen)