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Every time you read you should visit this page for reading assignments and links where you will post questions on the readings. Throughout the school year, we will post audio reading assignments for you to listen to and respond.

These audio recordings allow students who struggle with reading comprehension to listen to the material; furthermore, students with reading disabilities will be more able to access the reading material through listening.
Audio reading assignments will accompany textual reading assignments on this wiki page. Students will thus experience the reading content in multiple forms via reading and listening to maxamize student learning.

Reading/Discussion Questions Directions for Students:

1. Every time you read you should prepare questions to ask the class AND/OR respond to the teacher's question. Some assignments will ask you to do both!

2. The questions you create should test your classmates and, if answered, deepen your own understanding. The goal is to inspire meaningful class discussion. Therefore, ask two kinds of questions: questions to which you know the answer and questions to which you don't know the answer.

3. If you respond to the teacher's question, it must be in your own voice. Do NOT quote from cliff notes sources such as Spark Notes, pinkmonkey.com, etc. Don't test me.

4. You must post to the wiki before the start of class on the day that it is due. This is a requirement for your participation grade.

Audio Reading Assignment Directions for Students:

1. Listen to the assigned reading. You may press pause or stop the recording at any time, but, please remember you are responsible for completing the entire listening assignments.

2. Post any questions you have about the assigned audio reading.

3. Write a brief response to the writing prompt in one well-developed paragraph. Remember our class discussion of paragraph structure, grammar usage, mechanics, and proofreading. This should NOT be a free write.

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to see daily assignments:

This link will take you to the daily Reading/Discussion Questions and the accompanying Audio Reading Assignments. Remember, you are responsible for both parts of each daily assignment.

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By: Eric Brinker, Kelly Woodard, Karen Richardson, and Rebekah Hess