Motivating Students to Read
(Rebekah, Eric, Karen, Kelly W)

1. Our problem
2. Our ideas
3. One solution

1. Our problem:
Many students do not have time to read, or they even brag that they “haven't read the book.” Many times a lesson can fall flat on its face if students do not prepare by reading the material first: how can students discuss, make connections, or write further about a text if they have not read it? Without active participation a lesson quickly seems boring to the student who has not prepared, as he or she stares ahead and waits for the minutes to roll by.

2. Our ideas:
  • random reading quizzes with specific questions
  • in-class reading (Reader's Theater, silent reading, DEAR)
    • 15-20 minutes of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)
    • can be difficult in 50-minute classes
  • after HW, students must write a question/comment on a wiki
    • leads to discussion tomorrow in class
    • if students have not read, they must admit as much and are not allowed to participate in the discussion
      • SOCIAL PRESSURE... muwahahaha
  • some kind of “during-reading” task...creates meaningful HW
    • interactive bookmark
    • discussion board
    • annotation of text
How to make difficult texts accessible to students
  • introducing the text in a relevant way
    • guided note-taking
    • general note-taking
  • connections to real life
  • gloss
    • verbal (foreshadow the drama/comedy)
    • written
      • great for differentiation
  • Reader's Theater
    • audio/video recording/podcast
  • multiple intelligences
    • video
    • picture
    • verbal (summary)
    • acting out (miming or kinesthetically)


  • Great Idea! I always struggle with motivating students to read outside of class.
  • I would be wary about what sorts of questions you ask. Make sure you are aware of information on SparkNotes and other sites so that you ask questions that require students read the actual text.
  • I particularly like the idea of posting on a wiki…students at Warhill love to use technology in any fashion.
  • How are you going to pick questions for the following day’s discussion?

3. One solution:
Click here for our solution: Dream School Readers.