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Dux femina facti - Vergil, Aeneid I.364, "The leader of the deed was a woman"

Assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit - Cicero, "Constant practice devoted to one subject often overcomes both natural talent and skill"

My name is Whitney Slough, and I am an undergraduate secondary-education student at the College of William and Mary. My major is Classical Civilization with a Latin concentration, which I hope to teach at the secondary level.
My cooperating teaching is Judy Bristow at Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, VA. In addition to my student teaching experience, I have had the opportunity in 2008 to work for WJCC in a collaborative effort to write the curriculum for a new course for 6th graders, Latin for Word Power. Please feel free to browse through the sample materials I have posted to this page that I have contributed to this project!

I proudly boast an ardent love of ancient Mediterranean culture and language, particularly Latin. Additionally, I consider the Aeneid to be the single best written work of all time.

I strongly feel the Latin and ancient Greco-Roman culture can not only strongly enrich middle school/high school curricula, but it is also essential in allowing students to fully develop a grasp on the English language, numerous pieces of literature, develop critical thinking skills, and exercising a rich vocabulary.

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Fruare! (Enjoy!)

Whitney Slough, waslou@wm.edu