Technology Stations

Web-based digital archives
This page features just a sampling of available databases for student research. Each database is different and they all utilize technology in distinct ways. Teachers can direct students toward these sites to glean information about particular topics for both in-class and homework assignments. Some sites also give students the capabilities to create multimedia presentations. There are archives available for every content area.
Web quests
Web quests are structured inquiry lessons that guide students through a series of tasks to answer a question. The goal is to encourage students to use online resources rather than just looking for it. They were developed as an original example of how the Web can be useful in the classroom. There are samples for every content area, but they are harder to find than digital archives.
Domo Animate
Students can create free, Web-based animations with multiple scenes to essentially create their own animated movie. Appropriate for middle elementary through high school students. While this could be used in any content area, it would probably be most useful for English, foreign language, and social studies.
Historical Scene Investigation
HSI was designed for social studies teachers looking for a solid method of applying primary sources in the classroom. Each HSI investigation follows a similar format based on the inquiry model of learning.
**Digital Microscopes
An introduction to the use of powerful microscopes in a classroom environment. Primarily for science.
Virtual Math Manipulatives
This page offers logic and math puzzles for grades K-12. The site covers numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability. There are activities for each grade level in each page.
Math and science widgets
Widgets and gizmos are focused, interactive tools that help students learn about specific concepts and relationships. They offer opportunities to support, enhance, and extend classroom lessons on a variety of topics in math and science.
**Google Earth
Google Earth is a free software tool that "lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings and even explore galaxies in the Sky. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places and share with others". It can be used in a variety of content areas in both teacher- and student-directed ways.
**Inspire Data
Inspire Data is a software program that allows you to explore data sets visually, rather than in the typical spreadsheet format. It is very visual and intuitive, even for young learners. It is particularly useful in social studies, math, and science.
Online simulations
Web-based games and simulations fuse video game skills with education to make learning more fun and engaging, in theory. There are games and simulations available for every content area, though there are more samples for math and science.
Brain Pop
This Web page offers pre-created videos and some teacher-created videos for multiple subject areas, although there are no videos for foreign language teachers. Some videos can be viewed for free, and some are only available to subscribed members. Each subject area is broken down into categories. The site also offers search features by state, grade, and specific subject.
Quia quizzes
Quia offers a space where teachers from every content area can upload quizzes and other assessment activities and games for students to take, either in class or on their own time for review. Use the search function to find activities related to your content area. It is best to search for a single category or subcategory and see which activities pop up.
Inspiration offers thousands of visual learning resources for teachers in every content area in all grade levels. Search options include by subject, grade level, or state standards.
Language Learning Resources
A variety of language learning resources for foreign language, including games, pronunciation guides, and conjugation activities.
**RAM 4: Reading Acceleration Machine
This is a program, free to download, in which you upload text or vocabulary and set the speed at which it flashes on the screen. Great for any vocabulary review (alternative to flash cards), but especially useful for English or foreign language or any reading that is difficult for students.
Glogster is a fun, yet powerful tool to enable teachers and students to create and share multimedia posters online. Appropriate for middle elementary through high school in any content area.
APTE Puzzle Center
Website to build and share interactive puzzles, including crosswords, word scrambles, anagrams, secret codes, etc. Users can build puzzles to match any grade level and any content area.
Jeopardy Labs
Simple, but effective online Jeopardy game creator. You can design a game board from scratch or work from a template. Users can build games to match any grade level and any content area.
Math Apprentice
Fun, interactive site that helps math students explore how math is used in a variety of careers outside of school. Most appropriate for later elementary to high school.
Collaborative Writing
Collaborative writing tools like wikis and collaborative word processors (e.g., Google Docs) allow multiple authors to write documents or to develop Web content together.